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12.07.2013 | Mikron places its stakes on Troyka tickets •••

24.06.2013 | "Mikron" delivered chip labels for jewelry plant •••

28.05.2013 | Deputy Moscow Mayor for Economic Policy and Head of Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship visited Mikron and held a meeting with business leaders of Zelenograd industrial enterprises •••


26.04.2013 | Russia Today.Technology Update •••

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About Mikron Group

"Mikron" group is part of industrial holding RTI JSC and the largest manufacturer and exporter of microelectronics in Russia and CIS. The group is headed by Mikron JSC, a plant with half a century’s history, the technological leader of Russian semiconductor industry. Mikron JSC performs scientific research, development, production and sale of integrated circuits, including for export

In 2012 process unit working with 90 nm technology was opened at the plant of Mikron JSC. The launch of the new line leads to the increase of production capacity of the plant up to 36 000 wafers with the diameter 200 mm (8 inch) per year. Thetrilateral agreement was signed in 2010 on technology transfer to Mikron and granting access to rules of designing 90 nm chips.

"Mikron" group also includes:
• Open joint stock company Molecular Electronics Research Institute
•Voronezh Semiconductor Plant - Mikron
• SITRONICS Smart Technologies
• SITRONICS Microdesign
• Trade missions in China and Taiwan
• Assembly factory in Shenzhen for chip assembling
• Research Institute for Precise Mechanical Engineering

The strategic goal of "Mikron" group is dominating on the domestic market and positioning in local segments of the global market, including as a foundry-partner. In 2006 Mikron JSC, with STMicroelectronics support, began a project in production upgrade, within the framework of which the 180 nm EEPROM technology was transferred and mastered.More than 50companies from 12 countries were equipment and materials suppliers and partners in infrastructure creation, such as M+W Zander, Air Liquid, Hager+Elsasser, Applied Materials, ASML and others. At present, integrated circuits on 200 nm wafers are manufactured in the clean room (opened in 2007), using the 180 nm EEPROM technology, for transport and smart cards, memory chips, prototypes of integrated circuits for social and bank cards, biometric passports.

"Mikron" group has a complete production cycle from IC design up to its assembling and personalization, which allows independent production of a whole range of high-tech products for the mass market: intellectual cards – smart cards, transport and other RFID-cars (using the radio frequency identification technology), sim-cards, bank cards with a chip, social cards and other identification documents, new articles for industrial electronics.

Mikron has over 400 clients in Russia and 100 abroad. Among SITRONICS Microelectronics clients are the Moscow Underground, SPB GU “Transport Organizer”, state transport enterprises of the Nizhniy Novgorod Region, Kazan, other Russian cities, integrators, banks, mobile operators, Russian electronic industry enterprises, electronic component distributors, and manufacturers of initial complete equipment (OEM) in South-Eastern Asia.

In the 60-80-ies of the XX century the USSR was actively developing microelectronic technologies, ranking third after USA and Japan in the world semiconductor industry. Mikron JSC, having accumulated the best experience of the Soviet academic school, is developing its own scientific and research centre employing now about 400 persons. The company is cooperating on a permanent basis with over 60 scientific organizations – RAS institutes, state scientific centres of RF, technical universities, branch R&D institutes, STU and design centres. The cost of R&D is about 15% of company’s revenue.

Over 3,000 employees work at "Mikron" group, of them about 1,700 are employed by Mikron JSC.
The company was certified by international auditors for compliance with the standards of the Quality Management System ISO 9001 and the Environmental Management System ISO 14001.
The company is a member of the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA).

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